Cargo handling system for the CH-47 Chinook
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Permali has developed CCHS - a cargo handling system for the CH-47 Chinook.  CCHS is optimised for the rapid despatch of wooden cargo pallets in order to reduce the time that the aircraft is on the ground and vulnerable when supplying front-line troops.

The system uses quick-release attachments to secure to 5K tie-down rings and special ramp adapter plates, and 2 people can fit or remove the entire system in a few minutes.  The cargo rollers have very low friction, allowing a single crewman to move a 1000 Kg. pallet.

CCHS is also fully compatible with Permali's ballistic protection system for the Chinook, allowing installation either onto the standard floor or on top of the ballistic protection panels.

The total weight of the CCHS system is 135 Kgs.

CCHS is a Registered Trademark of Permali Gloucester Limited.